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DOPPEL is a groove-based jazz band from Austin Texas. Their tumescent, melody-rich mandalas of sound feed adventure to the spirit, as one travels through the liminal landscapes of debut full-length Ensō, out April 10th 2020. It is the sound of mutual improvisation and creative-spiritual liberation.


With passionate backgrounds in everything from B-Boy fashion and hip-hop to the exploratory rhythms of Jimi Hendrix, DOPPEL has a sound that seems both cosmopolitan at dusk and meditative in warm sunlight. There is a generosity of spirit within which reflects both their mindfulness and ability to extrapolate ideas. 


DOPPEL is the German word for “Double,” and their unique and captivating sound is driven by improvisation-based compositions and their live use of looping. The duo is Jan Flemming on accordion, keyboards, and synths from Cologne, Germany, and drummer/percussionist Michael Longoria from McAllen, TX (the Rio Grande Valley).


The album title reflects what they are as a duo, but also evokes the looped nature of their music, drawing inspiration from a wide spectrum of influences including soul, jazz, hip hop, electro, and funk. 


Playing live, DOPPEL uses loops to capture chords and bass-lines with pedals, with different things going on at the same time — sometimes imperfect but played with complete aesthetic candor, in mutual confidence. 

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