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Booking: / 512 815 5656


DOPPEL is a groove-based jazz band from Austin Texas.

Their musical style weaves mandalas of sound to feed adventure to your spirit.


With passionate backgrounds in hip-hop, world music, and jazz, DOPPEL has a sound that both feels cosmopolitan and meditative. There is a generosity of spirit within their music which reflects their mindfulness and ability to extrapolate ideas.


DOPPEL utilizes several performance ensemble structures from duo, trio, to quartet. They are often known to include MCs and various styled vocalists.


At DOPPEL's core lies the duo foundation of-


- Jan Flemming on Keys/Accordion

- Michael Longoria on Drums/Percussion



Intermission released May 7th, 2021

Doppel_Enso_album cover front.jpg

Ensō  released April 10th 2020


" organic blend of styles that morphs into a sound all its own..."

Michael Toland (Austin Chronicle)

"...Doppel’s collective confidence and undeniable interpersonal chemistry became publicly known last year with the release of their debut album Ensō, highlighting the group’s defiance of any single genre with their fluid use of live loops and exploratory formulas..."

Jack Anderson (KUTX)

"...This sounds like some good sci-fi soundtrack music. This is definitely a must hear..."

Simon Phillips (Whisperin and Hollerin)


No events at the moment


Used To Be Live at East Austin Piano Shop

Kinfolk Live At East Austin Piano Shop

Timbaland Live At East Austin Piano Shop

Nevermind Live At Empire Control Room

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